Driving Holidays & Road Trips for over 50’s

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Reaching 50 doesn’t mean you are nearing to the end of your life but in fact quite the opposite. This is the time of your life where you can really start to enjoy the fruits of your labour. By now your children should be able to support themselves and if you are lucky enough, you might have even repaid your mortgage. Now you can really enjoy your savings to travel and explore destinations that were inaccessible to you before.

Moreover the over 50’s age group can expect to enjoy discounted rates a number of insurance costs. With companies offering special deals you can use these extra savings towards your holiday expenses and travel costs such as car hire, luxury hotels and flights. No more having to stay in budget hotels, or cheap family accommodation.

Though Saga Holidays for Seniors is an excellent way to travel you might still want a little more adventure and plan your own self packaged holiday. With so many independent companies set up specialising in finding cheap flights, hotels and cheap car hire, why not organise your own holiday and take a holiday to remember?

Though road trips are normally associated with younger people, what better way to travel and see the sights. With that little extra cash you can afford to take a road trip to remember and see some breathtaking sights.

Popular Road Trips

The Great Ocean Road – Australia
Approximate Length: 300km
Driving from Melbourne to Adelaide in Australia you will snake along the coast line with ocean views on your left and mountainous and hilly terrain on your right. You will have plenty of opportunities to marvel at the stunning rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles and within the forests of Eucalyptus trees you might be lucky enough to spot a Koala or two.

The Pacific Coast Highway – California, USA
Approximate Length: 1,500 miles
This trip from Olympia National Park to San Diego California will lead you through thick dense forestry and along the coast where you will see oceanic views and golden sands. You will be surprised to see that this coastal highway is not as urbanised as you may think and you will be at one with the wide open wilderness.

The Great Northern – East to West, USA
Approximate Length: 3,400 miles
Though a big undertaking, this cross country road trip is truly breathtaking. As you drive from Washington to Acadia National Park on the East coast you will see a diverse and unforgettable landscape. Driving from Seattle you will pass over the Columbia Plateau which has a naturally arid landscape before passing through Montanna which boasts dense forestry, lakes, rivers and gorges.

Being over 50 doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy things that are associated with younger people. Taking a road trip of a life time is just one example of something you can do now you are able to.

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