Saga Holidays For Seniors

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Saga Holidays is a wonderful way for seniors over age 50 (although traveling companions can be as young as 40) to make plans for various holiday vacation packages across the globe, resort reservations, or cruises. Saga also owns and operates St. Lucia’s Bel Jou Hotel. Since the Saga Group was founded in 1951, it has proven its longevity and trustworthiness to make holiday plans that can be counted upon to be what they are described to be with the highest reliability and excellent customer service. The company helps over 250,000 senior citizens go on vacation each year and has a total of 2.7 million customers.

It is said that SAGA means “Send A Granny Away”! And she is happy to go since there are escorted tours to many destinations world-wide for today’s largest group of travelers, which is seniors. They prefer to travel with their own age group because they have the same desires of where to go and what to see, often based on history or seeing the sites of world events.

Catering to the older set includes finding smaller hotels with large lobbies where the visitors can assemble and carry on conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. It is also important to find hotels within walking distance of local attractions and eateries which appeal to this age group. Tours are usually planned so that seniors do not have to spend long hours on a bus without frequent stops.

For instance, there is a week-long “Irish Life and Legends” tour of Ireland’s popular destinations. There is also a cruise called “Charms of the Irish Coast”, which not only visits numerous cities but also makes time on board very interesting with live entertainment, art classes, cooking demonstrations, and more. Other cruises go to the Canary Islands, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Iceland, Antarctica, and other exotic places.

Saga Cruises on their ocean liners cater to seniors with the age requirements stated above and providing entertainment and activities specifically aimed at this age group. Although North American passengers are welcome, since the line was not marketed except to those in the UK until recently, the majority of passengers still remain mostly British.

The cabins are spacious, the public rooms are large, and the decks are wide. On the Sage Rose there are four cabins for wheelchair-disabled passengers; those with limited mobility can easily use the standard cabins. Passengers are well taken care of because there are approximately 350 crew for 580 passengers.

Although elegant, the atmosphere is informal and comfortable. Amenities include a small spa, a fitness center, hair salon, internet cafes, a library, etc. A traditional English tea with passengers being serenaded is served every afternoon. Entertainment and ballroom dancing is available every night.

If you book a cruise early, you can save up to 45%, so this is a great way to save money and still have a very enjoyable adventure on the high seas. There are only so many cabins that are allocated for the lower fare, so be sure to book as early as you possibly can.

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